Title: Mexican shit talent show
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Dylan talking in the Hitmen For Hire video.

Guy : What Friday night?
Dylan : That fucking Mexican shit talent show at the school !
Chris Morris : And on what day do I work, so I don’t have to do it ?
Dylan : Alright, have a D, enjoy…


richard ramirez 1990’s interview

"It developed slowly. I started reading the books, and then I started meeting people who were into the same thing. Satanists need to have more faith than Christians, because Christ was seen and felt. Lucifer has never felt the need to be seen, but in everyone’s soul he can be felt. A lot of these little cults practice Satanism nowadays, but not in a violent form. They’re only looking for ways to play out wickedness."


one of Ted Bundy’s victim’s smashed in skull. 


Eugene “Gene” Sprague (December 11, 1969 – May 11, 2004) was born in San Francisco, the son of an unmarried woman who did not want to be a mother. When she learned she was pregnant, she decided to raise him and became the most important figure in his life. Sprague suffered from depression during adolescence, and openly shared his suicidal thoughts with friends. However, they did not take him seriously because he always spoke of it in jest. According to Sprague’s godmother, he even told his mother he wanted to kill himself.

After his mother died of cancer, Sprague became obsessed with suicide. He made contacts through the Internet and moved to St. Louis, Missouri for a new beginning, but said he planned to jump off a bridge in that city or lie on the railroad tracks to end his life. After these threats, his friends sent him money to take a bus back to California, where he stayed and went on job interviews.

On May 11, 2004, while the film crew was filming, Sprague appeared at the Golden Gate Bridge and walked back and forth over the bridge for ninety-three minutes. Eventually, he climbed the railing, sat for a few seconds, then stood with his back to the water and fell. Sprague then fell with no movement to the water in 4 seconds traveling at 75 mph.